The Law of Big Data

Topics and legal informatics: techniques and norms of researching big data

Digital Topics is the research methodology of legal knowledge in the contemporary era and appears the most widespread technique of finding information sources (infosourcing). Legal informatics, which today must manage legal big data through advanced technologies of artificial intelligence, still depends on the logical formalization of the programming algorithms, but is also closely linked to the theories of argumentation.

Especially, Digital Topics constitutes a part of Rhetoric, which has a long philosophical tradition, dating back to Aristotle. Of course, digital topics of Aristotelian origin recalls in the third millennium the use of search engines and platforms that work in Internet, which is increasingly the best and most widespread way to find information, including legal ones.

The origin of Topics can make us understand the theoretical foundation and the practical applications of global and computerized law of the digital age, in which search engines, social networks and databases are instruments and purposes of an immense labyrinth of knowledge.

Speaker: Paolo Moro