The Law of Big Data

Presente e Futuro dell’Intelligenza Artificiale

Università degli Studi di Padova, Orto BotanicoMartedì 13 novembre 2018 – ore 15,00 Presiede Gianfranco Bilardi, Uni

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: a Paradigm Shift for All

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) was born in 1956, at a major conference in computer science during which Professors John McCart

Under the Hood of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have nowadays a huge impact in almost all scientific disciplines and, more in general, to

The Unconstitutional Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence
and the Future of Fundamental freedoms

Contemporary A.I. is powered by entirely new statistical methods and fuelled by a large amount of data, known as Big Data. Big

Big Data Governance Beyond Personal Data

The echo of the new GPDR gives the impression that the legal issues about big data will concentrate on personal data. The appr

The Era of Mass Data Litigation

A new wave of mass litigation has begun all over the world as far as the processing of big data is concerned: many companies o

The Rise of Machines and the Disruption of Law

This lecture outlines how machines are coming both to disrupt the legal profession and to change the optimal form of law.  Th

Just Machine Learning in Unjust World?

Artificial intelligence systems are meant to transcend some of the imperfections of the human mind, being grounded in mathemat

5 Reasons Why Social Networks Make Us Vulnerable to Misinformation

As social media become major channels for the diffusion of news and information, it becomes critical to understand how the com

The Digital Economy and the Law

DIGITAL ECONOMY AND THE LAW Introductory Speech: Legal Challengesof Digitalization Prof. Claudia Sandei, UNIPD The disruptive

Topics and legal informatics: techniques and norms of researching big data

Digital Topics is the research methodology of legal knowledge in the contemporary era and appears the most widespread techniqu

Security and Surveillance

Big data now play a fundamental role in the prevention and repression of crimes. Furthermore, their analysis is very important

Open data policy and administrative law: solutions or troubles?

In 2006 the Italian Government adopted a Legislative Decree (No. 36/2006) to transpose Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of p